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Job experience

Gaining work experience is important for young adults so the earlier you start working the better for your resume even if you are still studying. Gain work experience as an employee, intern, freelance or working for the family business. Here are 5 reasons to prioritize work experience.

1. You gain soft skills

Education is very necessary for work but, if it is combined with work experience, it can lead to a successful career. Sometimes, work experience alone has led to great success. When exposed to work situations, you quickly gain communication skills, discipline, team work, and time management from juggling assignments, work and hobbies. So, try to maintain a balance between studying and gaining experience.

2. Practical application of what you learn

Work experience proves and improves your competence as you apply classroom lessons to the work situation. Your first job will probably involve learning to work and actually working. As you work alone and within a team, and report to a boss, with your errors being corrected, you build confidence about your ability. You even discover your inner strengths and weaknesses. Everything that you do, learn, and achieve at work can be included in your resume when you graduate.

3. Get ahead in the competitive job market

Getting any type of work experience will help you stand out. When you graduate, you will join the job market with many other jobless graduates. Your experience is proof that you can handle work situations, so you compete better for jobs that require experience and those that don’t.

An internship can be an excellent way to get a full-time position in the company that already knows you, provided you are a good fit and produce results. It also helps you to develop a network of colleagues who can recommend you.

4. Employers want people with experience

If you are not self-employed, getting a job is crucial for financial independence. To find a job fast, you must have what employers are looking for, i.e. experience. Therefore, experience included on your resume increases your chances of making it past the initial screening to secure an interview. With good preparation for the interview, you can get a job.

5. Work experience for personal development

Above all else, get work experience for your personal development. As you work in the career of your choice, you discover your strengths, weaknesses, what you enjoy doing and what you don’t enjoy doing. You also have an opportunity to try new things hands-on. The network that you build with new friends, colleagues and acquaintances is priceless. In the end, you will find that you have accomplished a lot through your work experience and you will feel satisfied with yourself.

Get work experience starting from now

Internship, part-time work and freelance work are great ways to get valuable work experience and an understanding of the industry’s inner workings. Get in now!

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