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quinoa avocado salad

quinoa avocado salad the powerhouse and healthy one hundred percent, this is one of high-level salad
don’t miss opportunities, make your quinoa avocado salad and enjoy it.

Bolognses Pasta 

when I said bolognese it means Italian cuisine.
developed Italian cuisine since the antiquity spread around the world due to waves of Italian diaspora. that why everyone knows Italian cuisine

stuffed bread

with vegetable tempura and butter chicken sauce
you can use any bread ( bread buns, bread balloon, sourdough
I don’t know how can I describe taste yummy 😋👌👌👌 

Beef Tenderloin Mashed Potatoes 

if you want to make special occasion dish for the visitor or family, this what you are looking beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and asparagus, this is best of the best dish in most restaurant
when you put The creamy mustard sauce is simple and flavorful

Chicken Cordon Blue or schnitzel cordon blue.

pretty, easy which is quick to prepare and you can be pan-fried or deep-fried. a beautiful golden crumb, inside soft, I think everything perfect with this dish, can be an appetizer or main course..

Mixed rice beef 

to mix cuisine Italy and cuisine Indian, it meaning another level, waw
for sure if you make it you love it
I made this dish to staff only but I didn’t feel how to become the best dish on the menu, everybody loves it

easy cookies 

everyone loves cookies, kids or old, take this easy recipe and enjoy crispy, sweet, chocolate
Everyone needs simple ingredients, that why we will make an easy way.

fajita chicken 

fajita can cook and serve in the same table as ( chef Cooking at table Review)
perfect dish, easy to cook, spices, and smoke with a nice smell,

Mongolian Beef 

Mongolian beef is a dish served in Chinese restaurants, This recipe is so easy to make and delicious, its take 20 minutes, crispy, sweet,

beef Lasagne

Lasagne is a type of wide, flat pasta, possibly one of the oldest types of pasta. also, an Italian dish made of stacked layers of this flat pasta …

Pita Bread and fried bread

Pita Bread and fried bread in one time
take the chance to make two kinds of bread in one dough
good things we will make it with sesame seeds

pasta Afredo

the secret of taste, creamy, comforting with Alfredo pasta is a sauce
if you make the good sauce you will love pasta, for sure.

Adana kebab with tomato sauce 

Turkish is one of the best countries in the grilled meat,

that why I bring for you this Adana kebab with restaurants style but easy to make in-home …

tomato sauce

tomato sauce is a basis for so many dishes
called mother sauce because its be can mix with any ingredients,
tomato sauce can mix too many different sauces like bechamel or cooking cream …

Shrimps risotto

This creamy risotto mixed with Parmesan and tomato sauce, roasted shrimp, little spicy yummy, One of the nicest things about risotto is even if you eat hot …

beef or lamb

Beef or lamb with prunes is one of the favorite dishes in Morocco, it’s popular as a traditional offering at weddings and other special, really its best dish for me mixed sweet and salt, I find that the various flavors of this tagine beautifully balance each other. 

Couscous Bowl Vegetable 

Couscous originated as a Moroccan  dish of small steamed balls we use for one of best bowl vegetarian, we create a recipe is to find that elusive intersection between healthy and delicious

Sushi Bowl
to making sushi rolls mat has never been easier
now fun and easy to make sushi in the bowls, My family love sushi and depending on where we get them from the seaweed tends to be a bit chewy


Balaleet one of nicely traditional breakfast in the bay ( United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar…

Balaleet is sweet vermicelli and savory dish, it has a unique taste combination …

watermelon salad 

This refreshing Watermelon Feta Salad with walnuts mango dressing pomegranates seeds is perfect for summer. Sweet ripe watermelon salad combined with feta cheese….

This is the prettiest 😍 French toast
Classic French toast homemade caramel with Mix Berries, easy to make, and look nice in a plat.
called also pain perdu (lost bread)

Chicken Livers with Pomegranate Molasses it is calling also Sawada Djej

Chicken Livers with Pomegranate Molasses or Sawada Djej.
the first time I learn how to cook this dish 

baked potatoes  

Easy tasty and healthy
you want to make diet take this recipe,
you can use like appetizer or snacks also it can go with the main course.
benefit The potato: fiber,

Eggs Benedict

I want to say it is my favorite breakfast menu item but its best breakfast on the international menu, everybody loves it
it’s super easy to make it, 

Baked Avocado and Eggs

The contrast between the soft fresh avocado and the creaminess of a poached egg is brilliant. Avocado Baked Eggs it’s Very healthy and satisfying, Avocado …


Shakshuka it can be dinner or breakfast, its popular food, for many Arabic countries,
It’s a one-skillet recipe of eggs baked in a tomato-red pepper …

Chicken Quesadillas
You might be reading and watching pictures, you’ll maybe that you only need one piece 😉😉😍 A quesadilla is a Mexican dish, cooked corn masa, or called a tortilla, with vegetables and cheese Toss the chicken with the fajita seasoning,

Dynamite shrimp

it’s from lovely Japon one of the best foods in restaurants.
Since it appeared on PF Chang’s menu, many people like that spicy flavor yummy, it became an instant favorite

really you have to try it, the recipe here for you. 

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